Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout

Scientific name: Oncorhynchus mykiss

Family: Salmonids

Species: Rainbow trout


Rainbow trout grows in freshwater and has its origin from lakes and streams around the North Pacific basin from the Armur to Mexico. Rainbow trout can easily be recognised by its numerous small black spots along head, back and tailfin. On the flanks it is characerised by a broad pruple red band having strongest colouration during the spawning period.

Rainbow trout has been domesticated and today more than 50 hybrids do exist, all characterised by high growth rates.

In nature Rainbow trout can reach maximum size of 20 kg, while most commonly sizes of around 500 g and 25 cm are catched. Spawning takes place in streams with gravel grounds in the period from November to April.

The Rainbow trout is naturally feeding on small fish, insects and crustaceans.


The Rainbow trout is one of the most popular freshwater fish in aquaculture and represents one of the most securely domesticated fish. Rainbow trout is commonly harvested at sizes ranging from 350-500g.

Rainbow trout is farmed in many countries and worldproduction is exceeding 300.000 tons.

Rainbow trout having a very delicate meat with a light brown to white colouration is very popular with consumers around the world. It is sold as dressed, filleted or processed fish and in form of fresh frozen or smoked product. 
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