Family: Acipenseridae

Species: Acipenser sturio (European sea sturgeon)

Acipenser transmontanus (White sturgeon)

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Russian sturgeon)

Acipenser Baerii (Siberian sturgeon)

Acipenser Ruthenus (Sterlet)

Huso huso (Beluga)


Sturgeon is not having bones, but the skeleton is formed of 5 rows of cartilage scutes/plates along the back and sides.

The Common sturgeon originally was found throughout Europe from along all the norwegian coastline over the south of Iceland down to the Mediterranean- and Black Sea to the northwestern African coastline.

Nowadays strong efforts are made in conservation and re-establishing the population of sturgeon.

The sturgeon is a very slow growing fish and females only reach sexual maturity after 8 to 28 years depending on the species. On top of that the sturgeon is spawning in cycles of 3-5 years.

Spawning takes place during april-june in rivers with gravelground. A female can spawn up til 8 million eggs having a diameter of 2-4 mm, black in colour and sticky surface allowing the eggs to attach and bind to the gravelgrounds.

The sturgeon is feeding on small fish, crustaceans, mussels, worms and snails. Some species like the Paddlefish do feed on zooplankton.


The sturgeon is farmed for caviar and meat production. Russian, Siberian and White sturgeon including Sterlet and hybrids (f.x. Bester) are the most popular species. Farming conditions vary a lot between farms.

While the caviar is extreme highly priced in value and represents the ultimate image of exclusivity and luxury the market for sturgeon meat is under development. Sturgeon meat is firm an meaty, resembling veal in texture. The colouration is white-yellow-pink fresh and becoming more white when cooked. Historically the English King reserved the right to reserve all sturgeons caught to be used in the Royal cuisine. In North America in particular in New York sturgeon meat was popularly known as "Albany Beef".

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