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The conceptual engineering project phase serves to identify the technical and economic feasibility of the project, and how we can set the course for the development of basic and detailed engineering. Our long experience in the aquacultural industry, and consolidated knowledge in RAS allows us to conduct a preliminary study (feasibility study) and a definition of the requirements of the conceptual engineering project, always focused on the needs of the customer. This includes the engineering documents that define the global and conceptual scope of the engineering project, including the type of technology and equipment specifications to be used. 

The Documentation of the conceptual engineering project:

  • Overall project definition
  • Global project
  • Engineering project – Building + installations
  • Process and production machinery project
  • Product types – Annual production
  • Production processes
  • Basic project appraisal
  • Basic  project planning
  • Offer of other services
  • Technical Feasibility


The basic engineering design phase is generally associated with an economic and financial feasibility study: for one or two solutions that emerge as the most suitable in the previous phase, details of the design are given including field studies, especially of a topographical, geological, geotechnical, hydrological and hydraulic nature. In the engineering project, details are provided of the unit costs of the materials and of the different construction phases. This process serves to provide a project cost estimate closer to reality.

The Documentation for preparing a basic engineering project:
  • Design bases and criteria (validation and verification of the Conceptual Engineering).
  • Definition of the definitive functional requirements.
  • Flow Diagrams of Principal and Auxiliary Processes (personnel and materials).
  • Definitive designs including calculations (of all the specialties involved in the project).
  • Description of the process and philosophy of the definitive Operation and Control.
  • Definitive Requirements for Complementary Goods and Services.
  • Definitive major equipment specifications (As-Built documentation and engineering plans for each system).
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams.
  • Implementation Layout.
  • Specifications of scope of construction by discipline.
  • Specification sheets for instruments, equipment and inputs.
  • Detailed layouts.
  • Control system specifications.
  • Control system architecture.
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