SIMEON AquaBioTechnologies is known as company carries out projects of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Together with farmers, customers, governments and communities, we raise aquaculture market in Russia and CIS. Due to the wide use of R&D, participation in the aquaculture world-class events, we are able to offer our customers modern technology that is implemented using high-quality equipment of famous manufacturers.

SIMEON AquaBioTechnologies included in the SIMEON group. The SIMEON Company was formed in 1994. Over the years of work, considering the demands of market and using the achievements of modern technology, company has developed a wide range of services.  Today «Simeon» is an independent and dynamically developing company with established corporate and professional culture. The principal business directions of the company are integrated activities in designing, planning, implementation of modern engineering technologies for cottages, offices, health centers and industries, including the supply of equipment, installation and commissioning work, service maintenance. 

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Design and supply RAS
Phone : +7 (863) 261 31 80, 263 37 10, 263 30 47
E-mail: aquabio@simeon.ru
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